About Us


Photography has become a passion for me.

I’ve been taking pictures since I purchased my first camera back in high school and...I’ve never quit. In fact, my family and friends get frustrated because I’m always dragging a camera around taking their picture—so, I’ve decided to give them a break and point my camera at others!

To me, photography is a form of art, and that’s how you’ll find my approach. If I were stuck in a studio, my life would be filled with punching out repetitive studio portraits. But, since this is my passion, I have the creative freedom to consider every picture a piece of art. One visit to the online galleries and I believe you’ll see a clear focus on the personality I’ve been able to capture in photography.

I use the best equipment on the market today! Nikon’s newest professional digital cameras, plus my investment in professional lenses, gives me a competitive edge that pays off in the end product.

Shortly after a shoot, I depend on the very best software for processing--Photoshop and Lightroom. The clarity I’m able to achieve in every picture is the result of extensive training on this software. I’m a member of the Texas Professional Photographers Association and some of my work has won grand champion recognition...you’ll find these in the gallery as well.

My studio sits on 30 acres along the Leon River with great places for capturing very special moments, along with a 100 year old building in downtown Gatesville. Of course, I’m available by appointment to attend your events at locations other than Peacock River Ranch.


I work with Fred. I will be posing you, your family and guests throughout the ceremony, reception and any other bridal or engagement sessions. I use backdrops, props & furniture that will make our photos more interesting! I also help you with paperwork, financing and will make your beautiful bridal books and albums. I also process photos using the latest version of Photoshop.

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